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Community and healing are the aim of the game here at You Me Moon.

We believe that we are stronger together and the support of our peers goes a long way to helping all of us build our confidence and personal power.

We hold the value of inclusion dearly, so whatever shape or form your feminity comes in, you are welcome here.    



Moon Circles & Workshops

Our moon circles are a sacred and safe space to hold space, set intentions and learn from one another. These circles have been held for millennia and have spread healing from the beginning.


Community Courses

The magic of communal growth is mind blowing. These events not only bring incredible women together but offer a space to connect, heal and share. 


Collaborations & Showcases

Our healing workshops are held by an array of bright and talented women. Join us to learn from others or by sharing your own unique skill set. Together we are stronger!

Ready to release? 

Our events are the cornerstone of building community and we look forward to welcoming you warmly. (1)
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