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A sacred space for feminine progress

This passion project started in 2014 when I began hosting women's moon circles during a period where I was very focused on my career and also birthing my own business. I found that having other strong feminine energy around me was a haven.

Then later, when I moved countries once again, the circles again offered me and others a wonderful foundation and safe place to connect and share. I realised then that this was a sacred space that could be created wherever women gathered together.

Along this journey, I have come across many wonderful women who had phenomenal skills and talents. Talents that I felt could be valuable to others. This really inspired me to encourage these women to follow their passions and to share their knowledge.

I truly believe that we all hold gifts that others would be grateful to learn from. This is how You Me Moon was born. Marrying self-love, healing, feminine energy, and business together to create powerful growth, determination, and ambition.

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How to join us ?

Being part of a feminine community not only builds you up but you will find that you have gifts to share too.  Click below to request more info about getting your product, service, or event on our website.

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