1:1 Coaching Packages


An intensive month of inventory, insight and quick tools for instant relief.

The package includes 4 x 1 hour calls, weekly worksheets and guided meditations.

It is designed as a fast way to help in tense situations that need rapid action, further coaching is recommended for deep rooted issues. If you decide that you need further support, we can discuss a top up package or single sessions at a discounted price.


Over the 8 weeks, together, we take a deeper look at patterns and restructure the foundations they are built on. We can look into 1 or 2 topics that need clarity and shifting and create a plan to get you to a place of serenity.

This package includes 8 x 1 hour calls, guided meditations, tools and worksheets centered on what you'd like to work on.

Get 8 sessions and only pay for 7.


Major growth can happen over the span of 3 months!

With this package we can go deeper to create lasting change where you will leave feeling completely empowered to naturally and instinctively use the tools offered. 

You will recieve 12 x 1hr calls, weekly check-ins and all tools, worksheets and guided meditations available throughout my courses and packages. 

Get 12 sessions and only pay for 10.

Personalised coaching on an array of topics, tailor made to suit your needs.

Because you are unique and so are your needs, I would be happy to hear from you and chat about them.

Payment plans are available for all packages, so please book a Free 30 min call to discuss this and any other questions you might have. 

Topics that we can work on together are:

Self love

Boundary setting



Relationship issues

Low mood

Surviving sexual trauma

Low self esteem


and many more...