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Working with the moon cycle and healing together!

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Most of us have struggled at some point with getting started, meeting deadlines or completing projects.

There are many reasons we procrastinate, such as perfectionism, fear of failure, a feeling of overwhelm and many more. In this course we will be looking at all of the root causes and the myriad of tools that we can use to overcome them.


Learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in life.

Self-love is your power and when you become the source of love in your own life it changes everything. Your relationships, your career, your health – they all flourish when you start this path. This is the greatest gift you could give yourself.


Boundaries are the guidelines for loving ourselves and teaching others how to love us.

In this course we will learn how to recognise when a boundary needs to be set and how to voice them so that we create connection and not walls. When we set healthy boundaries, our relationships grow and become safe spaces.


Heal and learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.