Our community courses follow the ebb and flow of the feminine lunar cycles. We will begin with a time of self reflection on the new moon, and when we download the first workbook in preparation for our first meeting.

We continue to work with the energies that she embues over the four weeks, meeting at the end of each quarter to share our findings. Our final online circle is held at the following new moon where we set intentions for our next new start! A new beginning, having the tools and self awareness to release procrastination!

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March | April

Meeting dates

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Start workbook from 13th March

Sunday 21st March 17h - 18h

Sunday 28th March 17h - 18h

Sunday 4th April 17h - 18h

Sunday 11th April 17h - 18h


April | May

Meeting dates

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Start workbook from 12th April

Tuesday 20th April 19h30 -21h

Tuesday 27th April 19h30 - 21h

Tuesday 4th May 19h30 - 21h

Tuesday 11th May 19h30 - 21h


May | June

Meeting dates

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Start workbook from 11th May

Wednesday 19th May 19h - 20h30

Wednesday 26th May 19h - 20h30

Wednesday 2nd June 19h - 20h30

Wednesday 9th June 19h - 20h30



It doesn't matter where you are on your own feminine cycle or if you even have one, the moon affects us all as she controls the tides and our watery inner tides too. Whatever your feminine expression, you can attune to the moon.


A feminine trait is to process through verbalising and naturally coming to our own conclusions and solutions. We find a safe space to do this in our circles, we find strength and hope that we can find our own answers and we allow others the same journey.


Through sharing and holding space we come to learn that we are not alone and not the only ones with  struggles such as our own. We discover that many feminine folk are facing similar obstacles, emotional hurdles and limiting beliefs. We feel heard. Together we grow and learn through hearing others journey of growth and valuable perspectives. 


This is the magic of our community courses. The workbooks, visualisations, meditations, affirmations and insights are wonderful tools that you will receive with each course, but the real growth and change occurs when we share and learn from others shares. 


Please enjoy the first week’s section of the course for FREE, and I hope that its brings you insight but in order to get the full benefit of the tools that it contains it is important that you join the circle and receive all the necessary support and community to take your healing beyond your wildest dreams!

Ready to release? 

Our events are the cornerstone of building community and we look forward to welcoming you warmly. (1)
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