Our community courses follow the ebb and flow of the feminine lunar cycles. We will begin with a time of self reflection on the new moon when we download the first workbook in preparation for our first meeting.

We continue to work with the energies that she embues over the four weeks, meeting at the end of each quarter to share our findings. Our final online circle is held at the following new moon where we set intentions for our next new start! A new beginning, having the tools and self awareness to release procrastination!

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Learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in life. Self-love is your power and when you become the source of love in your own life it changes everything. Your relationships, your career, your health – they all flourish when you start this path.   


But while we have all heard that it is necessary, and intrinsically know deep down that it’s important to love yourself, we find it difficult to know where to start. And yes, there is a starting point, but there are also many blockages and layers that need to be peeled back and cleared first. Self-love is a journey, one that I have been on for many years, and with this extensive knowledge and coaching experience, I can guide you step by step through all the foundational work without it becoming overwhelming.   


Together over the 4 weeks, we will look at many subjects, including of parenting the inner child, guilt and shame, boundaries, routine and simple ways to incorporate self-love into your life easily so that it becomes second nature. Self-love is different for everyone because we all have different needs and wants, so we will explore this thoroughly so that you are able to have a clearer insight into what those are and how to meet them.    


What is included

4 x 1.5 hr community calls  

Weekly tools 


Guidance and support 

Weekly affirmation screensaver 

Meditations and visualisations 

List of 100 ways to love yourself to inspire you   


What are some of the results


Healthier relationships 

When we take time for ourselves and learn to truly love ourselves we learn to authentically love others. We fill our cup and can then overflow into our relationships. We can give without resentment. Our partners, friends, and family find stability within our healthy boundaries and we lead by example.    


Renewed energy and inspiration 

Loving ourselves brings balance and clarity by giving us the space to find calm and the trust to let go of what is not ours, what doesn't serve us, and the old beliefs that hold us back.   


Health and wellness 

Self-love dictates that we take care of ourselves so our physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits. You will come to find it pleasurable to feed your body mind and soul better nourishment.   

...and so so much more! The gifts of self-love are limitless and the work we do over the 8 weeks will be life-changing. There will be no turning back after you have absorbed this priceless life lesson.    


Please enjoy the first week’s section of the course for FREE, and I hope that its brings you insight but in order to get the full benefit of the tools that it contains it is important that you join the circle and receive all the necessary support and community to take your healing beyond your wildest dreams!

April | May

Meeting dates

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Start workbook from 12th April

Wednesday 21st April 19h - 20h30

Wednesday 28th April 19h - 20h30

Wednesday 5th May 19h - 20h30

Wednesday 12th May 19h - 20h30


May | June

Meeting dates

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Start workbook from 12th April

Thursday 20th May 19h30 -21h

Thursday 27th May 19h30 - 21h

Thursday 3rd June 19h30 - 21h

Thursday 10th June 19h30 - 21h


June | July

Meeting dates

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Start workbook from 11th May

Saturday 19th June 20h - 21h

Saturday 26th June 20h - 21h

Saturday 3rd July 20h - 21h

Saturday 10th July 20h - 21h


Ready to overflow? 
Our events are the cornerstone of building community and we look forward to welcoming you warmly. (1)
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